Please Help!! I Masturbate A Lot And It’s Ruining My Life, What Should I Do?

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I’m a chronic masturbator I don’t know how i get myself into dis poo. This year has been a worst year in my life and I can’t control d way I masturbate. I don’t know if it is due to depression and loneliness.

This year I made a promise not to visit the brothel though I have kept to the promise. My problem now I have done everything possible to make sure I stop masturbation but I can’t just stop it. The highest I can go is a week then return to normal.

It’s affecting me especially in my work place. cos during the working days the time I will get to rest I will used it to browse the net (night browsing you understand) using it watch porn movies online without getting a sleep and a enough wanking.

This has made me less productive in my work. I will look so weak and tired and I will be having some dizziness at work.

My co-workers have took note of it and my boss too. Though he has not really taken action or give me queries maybe be cos I’m d hard working type and I expect that soonest.

The bigger problem now my dick is always embarrassing me publicly I can’t just control it. any time I ‘m with the opposite sex I always having a strong Boner.

There is a day i was at home washing my clothes I was all alone in the compound cos everyone left for their various places, suddenly a small girl walked into the compound she should be 14 to 15 years old but she has a very matured physique. She was selling pap (akamu).

She walked to me asking of someone living in the compound and as I was answering and I was not having any bad thought in my head oo but found out my dick got erected when I was talking to her.

I didn’t know oo cos I put on a lit boxer I saw her looking below, for my mind why dis girl dey look ground and I just checked myself I found out my joystick was fully erect. Mehn I couldn’t stand the shame and embarrassment I gave to myself that day.

Yesterday something similar happened but wit my neighbour daughter DAT she is in SS1.

I was in kitchen cooking oo so she came in to fetch WATER, as she bowed down to get the water her bra got exposed I saw her breast cos she got big breast I couldn’t resist myself.

I had a strong boner again but this time she didn’t notice anything but I had rushed to my room to cool down myself while my food is on fire burning. I’m just weak and getting a girlfriend has been very difficult for me.

The rejections I have had from girls would make someone to commit suicide.

Please What Should I Do?


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